10 Best Free MKV Players For Windows in 2021

10 Best Free MKV Players For Windows in 2021

Best Free MKV Players, Hello, Dear Friends welcome to another post, MKV is becoming increasingly popular since it combines video, audio, and subtitles into a single file. MKV files use different encoding techniques and can incorporate audio, videos, subtitles, and everything submerged in a single container file.

As a result, in this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best free MKV players for PCs running Windows 10 operating systems. Listed below

Best Free MKV Players For Windows

To play and live the MKV files, one needs a dedicated MKV player. MKV Player is a video player that is specifically designed to play MKV files. It allows loading MKV files from any device or network.

1. VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is a free and open-source MKV player that runs on a variety of platforms. This program can play most multimedia files, as well as Audio CDs, VCDs, and DVDs, and it is completely free.

You can watch 360-degree videos in up to 8K resolution with this MKV player for Mac, which is one of the finest available.

2. KM Player

KMPlayer is one of the best options available after VLC. It allows you to play MKV video files. You do not need a high specification device to use this player. However, the advertisements are a bit annoying.

Features like a playlist and subtitle settings, zooming, and other options are included

3. Power DVD

Power DVD can serve as an ideal pick for running MKV file formats on Windows OS. It is an all-in-one multimedia app that can stream videos in the highest possible quality to make the most of your viewing experience.

Whether you want to watch ultra HD Blue-ray content or MKV files, Power DVD can be your one-stop destination for all your entertainment needs.

4. FreeSmith Media Player

From Blu-ray files to MKV file formats, you can use the FreeSmith player to stream almost anything seamlessly. It is one of the best free MKV players for Windows 10 that supports a wide range of video file formats.

It comes with an exceptionally sharp-looking, clean full-screen mode, advanced playback controls to get the best entertainment value from your viewing experience.

5. GOM Player

GOM Media Player is a video player that can be used to play video files. There are several file types supported by this program, including MKV, MPG, FLV, and AVI.

It facilitates the viewing of 360-degree video perspectives (a type of video recording where every direction is recorded using cameras).

6. Pot Player

Pot Player is one of the best MKV players for Windows 10 as it is available for download in both 16-bit and 32-bit versions that you can choose as per your device’s specifications.

Pot Player comes packed with an attractive user interface and advanced playback tools to offer you an immersive viewing experience on your Windows device.

7. SMPlayer

MKV is one of them. The interface of SMPlayer is pretty much similar to the Media Playe Classic, and it carries the old look. Another thing is that SMPlayer is pretty fast compared to all other media player app listed in the article.

 8. DivX Player

You can use this converter to convert your MKV video files into other video formats if you are unable to play videos in MKV format. It is completely free of cost and comes with a set of unique features.

9. Kodi

Kodi is an open-source media player software designed for every platform, including Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and Raspberry Pi.

From videos to audio to TV shows to photos, Kodi can seamlessly stream anything on any device. Thanks to its exceptional capabilities, it also supports the MKV file formats and other media formats, serving well to your entertainment needs.

10. UMPlayer

UMPlayer is a multi-format media player that supports a variety of file formats, including MKV, MP4, MOV, HEVC, AVI, and WMV. This MKV player allows you to search for videos on YouTube using the built-in search function.

does not support YouTube streaming or recording.

Best Free MKV Players For Windows (FAQ):

What is the best MKV Player for Windows 10?

  • VLC Media Player.
  • KMPlayer.
  • SMPlayer.
  • DAPlayer.
  • DivX Software.

Is MKV better than MP4?

MKV has a greater file size than MP4, primarily because of audio tracks, subtitle tracks, and other features

Is MKV good quality?

MP4 and Matroska Video (MKV) are two of the most popular video file formats. They’re equally good in video quality.

Which video format is the best quality?

MP4. Most digital devices and platforms support MP4, rendering it the most universal video format around. The MP4 can also store video files, audio files, text, and still images.

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