SpeedTalk 4G LTE Apn Setting For Android And Iphone 2021

SpeedTalk 4G LTE Apn Setting For Android And Iphone 2021

SpeedTalk 4G LTE Apn Setting

Setup SpeedTalk APN Settings 2021 manually. Without these settings, your internet is not working. These settings work on android and iPhone devices.

Learn how to solve the Apn Settings problem for SpeedTalk telephony. This problem usually happens when the apn parameter is incorrect, in some cases happens when you switch from Sim Card.

Not allowing the phone to connect to the data plan. Another case is when the operating system of the phone is formatted. This configuration allows the phone to navigate with the mobile Internet network in 3g and 4g LTE coverage.

Speedtalk Mobile is a company that has been growing exponentially in the United States, Adding every year new customers offer affordable plans, which is making it one of the favorites throughout the United States.

Step to achieve a correct configuration


SpeedTalk 4G LTE Apn Settings for Android

Apn Settings Name Apn Internet Settings
 Name SpeedTalk
 Apn SpeedTalkinternet
 Proxy  not set
 Port  not set
 Username  not set
 Password  not set
 Server  not set
 MMSC  not set
 MMS proxy  not set
 MMS port  not set
MCC  (Keep default)
MNC  (Keep default)
Authentication Type not set
Apn type  default
Apn protocol  Ipv4
Apn roaming type  Ipv4
 Enable/disable apn  APN enabled
 Bearer  Unspecified
 MVNO type  none
 MVNO value  not set

SpeedTalk 4G LTE Apn Settings for iPhone IOS

For iPhone just Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network

Cellular Data:

Cellular APN Name Cellular APN Settings
APN SpeedTalk
Username Blank
Password Blank

LTE Setup (Optional):

LTE APN Name LTE APN Settings
APN Blank
Username Blank
Password Blank

MMS Data:

MMS APN Name MMS APN Settings
APN blank
Username blank
Password blank
MMSC blank
MMS Proxy blank
MMS Message Size 1048576
MMS UA Prof URL http://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf


SpeedTalk 4G LTE Apn Setting For Android And iPhone, After having completed this series of steps you will be able to start enjoying your Internet connections TracFone 4G and 5G on your iPhone device & Android Device. if you have any questions regarding this post. so you can drop the comment in the comment box. we will reply to you. I hope you like this post so please share it on your social media & friends.

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