Best Vi APN Settings For High-Speed Internet 2021

Vi APN Settings For High-Speed Internet

Vi APN Settings For High-Speed Internet Vodafone Idea now known as Vi SIM users can enjoy high-speed 4G internet by using fast Vi APN Settings. The Vi network users need to use the new APN Setting provided here instead of the default Internet setting. You have to change your access point name and other Vi GPRS settings to boost your 4G/5G internet data speed.

What Is The APN Settings For Vi | High-Speed Internet | (Vodafone-Idea)

There are can be many reasons .why you are facing slow internet speed? and one of the reasons could be your Access Point Network (APN) settings, Yes the APN settings are most Important for internet connection.

The Solution to this issue is simple and fast. You need to install Vi internet settings. Don’t use default internet settings. Use the New APN settings provided in this article. Here we have given the installation process step by step so that it becomes easy for you to fix your Internet problem.

Best Vi APN Setting For Super Fast 4G Internet Speed

Go To: Settings >> Connections >> Mobile Networks >> Access Point Names

Vi APN Settings (4G) Setting Details
Name Vi LTE
Proxy Blank
Port Blank
Username Blank
Password Blank
Server Blank
MMSC Blank
MMSC Proxy Blank
MCC 404/405
MNC Blank
Authentication Type Blank
APN Type Default
APN Protocol IPV4/IPV6
Enable/Disable APN Enable APN (Only On Some Models)
Bearer Unspecified
vi apn setting for high speed internet
vi apn setting for high speed internet

How To Install Vi 4G APN Settings To Boost Internet Speed

  • Open Your Mobile Phone’s Settings.
  • Select Wireless & Networks.
  • Now, Go to Mobile Networks >> Access Point Names.
  • Select Vi SIM.
  • Next, Create A New APN Setting and Enter all the given details in the above table.
  • Now, save the settings and restart your mobile phone.

After Restart, Switch on your mobile data And check your internet speed.Definitely, speed will change.

Vi APN Settings Step by Step configuration / Vi APN Settings For High-Speed Internet

How To Install/Change Vi 3G/4G APN Settings on iOS Devices

  • First, Switch Off your Mobile’s Internet Connection.
  • Next, Connect your Mobile to a Wifi Network.
  • Open your Mobile’s Default Internet Browser.
  • Visit this URL: “”.
  • Scroll Down and Click on the “Create APN” Option.
  • Now you will see a Drop-Down List of All Indian Telecom Operators.
  • Next, Select the “Vi” Network and Click on the create APN Option.
  • A New APN Installation Web Page will Open.
  • At last, Click on the “Install” Option and Save the new Vi 3G/4G Internet Setting.

If anything goes wrong or the new APN settings are not working, then you can reset your default APN settings.

How To Reset The Default Vi 3G/4G APN Settings

To reset your Vi 3G/4G settings, Go to Settings>>Wireless Network>>Mobile Networks>>Access Point Names. Next, click on the restore or reset option. This will bring back your original APN settings.


So, here is the fastest Vi APN Setting for increasing your internet speed. This Vi internet settings code is for both the network operators including Vodafone and idea. I hope you like this method. if you have any query regarding to this post or apn setting so Comment us in the comment box.

we will definitely help you, So please share this post on your social media & Friends Just Because they also easily able to install & checked the Vi apn setting for high speed internet and use it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is The Fastest APN Setting For Vi SIM users?

The fastest Vi internet setting have been provided in this article. Kindly, go through this post and follow the apn installation procedure and improve your data speed.

How Can I Increase Vi 4G Internet Speed?

You can increase your Vi net speed by changing your current internet setting to a new one given here. Just save the new fast Vi GPRS setting and start enjoying a better data speed.

What is The Vi Internet Setting For iPhone Users?

All the iPhone users need to go to Settings > General > Network > Cellular Data Network > APN. Now, create a new apn setting and set the access point name as “iphone”. Now, save it and restart your iOS device. I have also explained an alternate method for iOS gadgets.

What is The Vi SIM 4G LTE APN Setting For Windows Phones?

The Windows smartphone users need to go to Settings > Mobile Network + SIM > Mobile Data > APN. Enter the APN field as “WWW” and save it. That’s it, done.

How To Get Vi GPRS Settings By SMS?

To receive Vi Interne settings, launch your SMS app and create a new message and type “ALL”. Now, send it to 199. Done, wait for the reply message.

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